Anxiety? Read This And Be Amazed

It is estimated that over 85% of hospital visits are anxiety and stress related. When we write this most people don't understand what we are really saying. Here is what we are saying. Everything from back pain, muscle spasms, Severe pain anywhere in the body, migraines, tension headaches, numbness and tingling in the limbs, severe burning pains, vision disturbances, loss of breath or difficulty breathing, severe to mild chest pain and literally hundreds more can all be caused by generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, stress and of course acute anxiety or pain related attacks.

The majority of people in the USA And in other advanced countries have very high numbers of people that suffer from prolonged anxiety. Your first statement will probably be what we hear all the time. I don't feel anxious all the time or I don't feel stressed.

Or maybe you are thinking that the symptoms that you listed are physical symptoms and anxiety, tension and stress and not a physical problem.

Physical problems include but are not limited to:

Body Symptoms

Face, Head and Neck Symptoms

Eye Symptoms: ( I had so many eye problems that I went to the eye doctor 3 times to get checked for diabetes and ms - Of course I had neither)



An Overview of Typical Anxiety Symptoms (also see broken down sections)


Skin Problems

Stomach Issues

Sleeping Problems

Other Issues


Our Specialties Include:

Reduction of Stress

Reduction of Anxiety

Reduction of Panic

Reduction of Panic Attacks

Reduction of Physical Pain - Anxiety Symptoms


Anxiety Symptoms

Stress Symptoms

Why You Must Act Now



Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Symptoms

GAD - General Disorder



Stress Test

Stress Disorders

Stress Tension Disorders

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